Mountain man with opinions. It’s a vibe.


Dissent and Harmony is the space where I focus on everything from big issues in the world to the mundane. Life is an esoteric mix of the big and small, the good and bad, the simple and complex. I hope to capture some of that mosaic here. Follow me on the journey will you?

What I’m doing.

The What:
Dissent and Harmony is almost exactly what it sounds like. There will be posts that fit into each of these categories, possibly some that fit into both. Once I settle into my own flow of things, I, as well as you – the reader, will have a better feel for the overall theme of content. If I were a gambling man, I would wager that the content on this page will shout out with a dissenting voice as opposed to a harmonious one. Yet, I do not want to leave out writing about hope, happiness, and the plethora of other topics that bring harmony to my life.

The Why:
I’m hesitant to believe people when they compliment me, but I’ve been told that I am at least mildly talented at stringing a sentence together. I hope to test that theory and leverage that into a bit of a side hustle for me and my family. I am absolutely being honest about that up front. However, there’s more to it than that. If this truly is one of my strengths, I want to use that “power” for good.

The How:
Finally, how do I plan on accomplishing this goal, specifically the one about bringing light into the world? I want to try and go after the dark, which is why I said above that I do expect the posts here to echo more of a dissenting voice. That means that I will be discussing two of the most common topics we are always told to shy away from: politics and religion.